Competition Assignment

The Main Department of Architecture and Urban Development of Baku announces a competition to protect the architecture of Absheron, preserve the spirit of national art and transfer it to the future.

The primary task of the competition is to revive and transfer to the future the stylistic features and original colour shades of the Absheron architectural school. Other support materials for the competition task will be sent to each participant's email address upon registration. The task includes the following:

Preparation of the reference and master plan of the territory;

Finding the main idea of the concept while preserving the existing art style and spatial features of the village;

Taking into account the national features, colour and future development of facility;

Concept for a landscape solution;

Drawing up general exterior solutions for buildings located on the territory;

Economic development of the settlement, the improvement of living conditions of the population should be taken into account;

Choosing an option in terms of small architectural forms, decorative accessories, art samples, floristry, etc.

Protecting main facades and planning solutions of the main buildings;

Explanatory text about the village in A4 format (current state, history, environment, climate, lifestyle, local culture, etc.) and about the project (idea search, conceptual solution, etc.) (2-4 pages); 3-minute video presentation

About competition

Being one of the most ancient residential places of Azerbaijan, Absheron Peninsula has always been distinguished by a wealth of unique cultural patterns since the advent of life. In this place being a bridge between East and West, traces of different cultures and civilizations are still alive.


Being one of the most ancient residential places of Azerbaijan, Baku and Absheron Peninsula have always been rich with unique cultural patterns since the advent of life.