Competition terms and conditions

The Main Department of Architecture and Urban Development of Baku city announces a competition to protect the architecture of Absheron, preserve the spirit of national art and transfer it to the future.

Must be submitted to the competition!


A presentation of the project should be submitted on 2-4 sketch boards 80x60cm. Once registered, no symbols or words identifying an individual, other than the automatically sent member code should be marked.


Layout drawings reflecting the requirements of the Competiton assignment should contain the following:


  • Layout drawing and reference plan (indicating the boundaries of the designed area);
  • General plan (conceptual scheme);
  • General plan fragments (with proposed planning solutions);
  • Opening of facades along the main streets; 
  • 3D images (including with night lighting);
  • Landscape architecture, small architectural forms and other designs;
  • Identifying and indicating a route of tourist walks in the master plan

Note: The scales applied in the project should be indicated.  



Authors can participate individually or in groups.


3-minute video presentations, pre-submitted by 10-15 finalists selected for the second stage of the competition, will be watched by the jury, after which the winners will be decided. The project should contain images, explanations in the form of recordings, subject to the confidentiality of video participants identity. The purpose of the video presentation is to explain and defend the project by the authors


Participation: Participation is free. Printing and delivery of sketch-boards will be paid by the participants.
Projects submitted for participation in the competition can be in Azerbaijani, Russian or English.
In case the urban land improvement works is implemented on the basis of the selected project, the project author will be invited.

Projects should be submitted to the Main Department of Architecture and Urban Development of Baku no later than June 30, 2021, 18:00

Video presentation should be sent to the email address by July 15, 2021, 10:00.

Projects should be submitted to the competition in full.

Works without an electronic version and not complying with the specified requirements will not be accepted for participation in the competition!

 All projects should be sent in electronic pdf format (competition e-mail) to the email address in electronic PDF format not later than June 30, 2021, 18:00

If you rely on your knowledge and skills, do not miss this chance

Those interested in making proposals to promote Absheron into the future while maintaining its historicity and antiquity can participate in the competition.